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Marketing for Start-Ups: Petrific for Pets

Hoffmann September 28, 2012 Comments Off on Marketing for Start-Ups: Petrific for Pets
Marketing for Start-Ups: Petrific for Pets

If we can’t protect pets, what can we protect?
Abra is extremely proud to be a part of Petrific, an online application dedicated to helping people take care of their pets.

The marketing we’ve provided for this project is a great example of the concerted range of marketing activities Abra can bring to supporting a project’s success. It’s also another example of our love for making the world a better place through marketing.

Great Marketing Begins with Defining the Product
Abra was first introduced to this project when we were hired to develop an online health record. This initial project never saw fruition, however, Abra later re-connected with 3 of the original partners about moving forward with a related project.

Petrific - Online Pet Health Record System

Abra provided all web design and programming to develop the many complex functional components of Petrific.

Given the challenges of meeting HIPAA requirements, Abra made the suggestion to focus the project on developing a health record system for pets. This gave us an exciting opportunity to develop a product to help people care for their pets, while avoiding having the project bogged down by navigating the legalities of HIPAA.

What is Petrific?
The basic concept of Petrific is that most vets offices have antiquated medical records systems for pets. Everything is in paper folders and if a pet owner needs access to their pet’s information, it’s a cumbersome process to get it. It’s even more of a nightmare if they move and need to get their pet’s health history to a new vet.

The other side of Petrific is focused on giving veterinarians an electronic medical record system that makes it easier to update pet’s health records and provide access to this information to the owner. This is especially important if a pet is lost or gets hurt or sick while traveling. A vet anywhere in the world can get access to the pet’s record to treat them based on the most accurate information. (Learn more about Petrific.)

Abra Marketing created this fun, lo-fi video to help introduce people to Petrific and all it has to offer.

Marketing for Start-ups
There is so much that goes into helping a brand-new company succeed, and Abra loves being a part of it. With Petrific we’ve wanted everything to be just right to help fulfill the vision of making the world a better place for pets, their owners and vets.

In addition to helping shape the direction of the company to focus on pets, Abra Marketing provided.

A name is the anchor of the brand and is critical to the success of a company. Naming is no easy task, requiring a mixture of creativity, science, and somehow just “getting it right”. I’ll tell you it can be a maddening process, but when the right name hits you, you know it and it’s an awesome feeling. For Petrific we wanted to give a hint of what the company was about (pets) and also capture the excitement of the product we were developing. As with all naming, we wanted something short and memorable. Petrific combines “Pet” and “Terrific” to create an anchor that captures the company’s passion for pets.

Domain Name was already taken when the name was selected, but noticing it was not in use, Abra began a vigil to monitor the domain’s status and when it came available, we successful navigated an arduous bidding process to win the name, making it our primary domain in addition to the .net, .biz and .org domains we had already acquired.

Abra worked closely with the partners to develop all branding components, including the trademark (logo), tagline, position statements, style sheets, and other elements that define the brand. I should add that this is an ongoing process that we revisit regular to constantly verify we are on course and making efforts to mature our brand as the company grows.

Website and Online App Development
Abra provided all development of the website and online functionality. I won’t go into all specifics, but Petrific contains hundreds of hours of programming to provide user registration, the ability to manage accounts, incredible attention to detail in user-friendliness and fucntionality, payment processing, and a powerful Administration area with reporting systems in the backend.

Business Start-up Marketing

Abra is managing all advertising and marketing efforts to build Petrific user volume.

Marketing and Online Marketing
Abra’s team leads the efforts to build Petrific’s users. This is an ongoing process that is refined monthly as we see the results of our efforts. Our marketing toolset currently includes:
– online advertising
– social media
– advertising in national and regional pet-related publications
– direct marketing to veterinarian offices and organizations
– publicity

Mobile App Development
We are still in the early stages of this project and our marketing efforts are constantly being refined. We’ve found it’s especially important in a project like this to stay closely tuned to your customers. The core of all marketing of course if starting with a great product. A critical part of our efforts is contacting current users directly every month to get their feedback on Petrific. It is incredible what this insight has given us and we are constantly refining Petrific based on that information.

Partially based on customer feedback, we have begun development of a mobile app to make it easier and more fun for users to engage with Petrific on a regular basis.

Abra Loves You, Petrific
Marketing of a start-up is such an exciting process. We’ve been able to help take an idea in someone’s head, make it a reality, and slowly, but surely build it into a working business that provides rewards for owners and users equally.

In fact, Abra has been so excited about Petrific, that we became partners in the company from early in its inception.

If you love pets, check out Petrific!

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