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The Pink Sundial Bridge View/Share – Using Online App’s for Marketing

Hoffmann October 15, 2009 Comments Off on The Pink Sundial Bridge View/Share – Using Online App’s for Marketing
The Pink Sundial Bridge View/Share – Using Online App’s for Marketing

First off, I’m very excited to have launched our Pink Sundial Bridge View/Share web application on the Nor-Cal Think Pink website:

On Think Pink Day, 10/15/2009, Nor-Cal Think Pink will be lighting the Sundial Bridge in Redding, CA in pink lights – with the help of Morpheus Lights – as part of their incredible efforts to raise awareness of breast cancer and the importance of early detection . The pink lighting of the Sundial Bridge will also include pink refreshments, live music, and a talk by Nor-Cal Think Pink organizers and breast cancer survivors.

So why does a marketing agency include Web Applications as one of their service lines?
When we received approval to light the Sundial Bridge in pink, I knew we would get a lot of great attention to Think Pink’s cause in the local area and hopefully the region.

But I wanted to take this local event and find a way to get more exposure from it. That is when I came with the concept of the Pink Sundial Bridge View/Share Web App.

The concept goes like this: the Pink Sundial Bridge event will draw a lot of people who will be taking photos and videos of the event. Naturally, afterward they will proceed to a variety of photo-sharing and video-sharing resources (flickr, youtube, etc) to upload and share those images.

It is my hope that be creating and publicizing a dedicated sharing site for this event, we will be able to capture a bulk of these photos and videos that would otherwise be drawing attention elsewhere. Nor-Cal Think Pink’s Sundial Bridge View/Share will hopefully also eclipse these other sites by creating a uniquely focused collection of all of these still and moving pink images in one place.

The benefits of the system are:
1) I believe it will actually create a unique, fun experience for the people sharing images and video vs. if they were just dumping them into the mass of photos and videos on all the other site. They will actually be participating in the creation of an online public art piece.

2) It will draw more people in contact with Nor-Cal Think Pink and their breast cancer awareness messages for multiple audiences:
– those who want to see the images of the pink Sundial Bridge
– those who want to share their images and videos of the pink Sundial Bridge
– friends and relatives of people who upload to the site who then refer people to the site.

In addition to expanding Nor-Cal Think Pink’s message to more people locally and regionally, it hopefully opens up our message to a potentially national and maybe even international audience.

3) An essential piece of the strategy behind the site is in addition to the larger audience we seek to create, the web site now gives us more of an opportunity to create ongoing dialogue with these visitors. Most of Nor-Cal Think Pink’s efforts center on Breast Cancer Awareness Month every October and specifically the activities of Think Pink Day. Through this enhanced website, we are seeking to create an enticing feature to draw in people regularly, create a relationship, and have an opportunity to create a consistent communication of the opportunity we all have to save lives by helping people take the actions that can lead to early detection of breast cancer.

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