Many ideas are born and no one ever knew they existed.
    Marketing delivers great ideas to their destiny.

  • Since 1999.


  • Wisdom.

    The exquisite combination of knowledge and action.
    Since 2004, Abra has donated web and marketing services to Nor-Cal Think Pink
    for Breast Cancer Awareness. It is our honor to support Think Pink's efforts
    that have literally saved people's lives.

  • Design Heritage

    Abra's heritage of applying creativity and function began in the 1940s.

    Learn about our history
  • Win. Lose. Forgive.

    There is nothing like seeing your work on the Big Screen. "Win. Lose. Forgive." is our documentary film that earned media praise and was honored at the Wine Country Film Festival. The film is an example of the unique creative projects we deliver to help our clients achieve new levels of exposure and sales. The film beautifully captures our client's powerful, spiritual approach to martial arts and is serving as an exciting vehicle to deliver their brand to a wider audience.

Your Story Told Better®

Abra Marketing is a digital marketing agency based in Santa Rosa, California.

Founded in 1999, our digital marketing programs have been designed to support your company with the very best combination of web development, marketing content, SEO, social media and digital advertising.

Abra’s serves a range of industries. We have a particular depth of experience in digital marketing programs for healthcare, including orthopaedic marketing.


Santa Rosa Marketing Agency

Culture of Good is a video series produced by Abra Marketing that highlights Sonoma County businesses using business for social change.

Digital Marketing Programs

Abra's digital marketing programs combines best practices across all digital marketing service lines in a way that all complement each other to give our clients measurable results.

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Web Design & Development »

Web Design & Development »

Abra’s web design & development portfolio includes many sophisticated solutions that have helped support our clients' businesses.

Media Management »

Media Management »

In addition to creating the tools of marketing, Abra will deliver your message to the masses.

Marketing »

Marketing »

Abra is a full-service marketing agency. When we work with a client, we become an integral part of their company.

Online Marketing »

Online Marketing »

Many people claim to be experts in SEO and Online Marketing; Abra has the results to prove it.

Branding »

Branding »

A strong brand helps guide and drive the company as much as it promotes the company.

Why Abra?

Our team has worked in marketing since 1989 and Abra Marketing has been successfully serving clients since 1999. We believe we have grown into one of the superior agencies through our years of effort, not just because of our experience and expertise but because of how we do business.



About the Artwork

The many art pieces in the Abra Marketing offices are the work of Texas artist Paul Damien Meyer.

In 2001, I went to see my grandfather in Texas before he passed away. At the time I was able to see and fall in love with my cousin Paul’s incredible artwork. When Abra moved into our new offices in 2004, I asked Paul if I could have one of the pieces which would be perfect for the tall ceilings. A few weeks later she showed up in California with a truckload of 10 of them. Paul always does things in a big way.

Abra Fun Facts

Saab 99 Turbo

Saab 99 Turbo


In 2007 Abra established a relationship with Saab Automobile after we developed a niche Saab fan site as a way to explore the marketing of building a member-driven website.

"My heartfelt compliments for your site. I wish all Saab publications would look this stylish and well thought out - truly in line with a premium brand like ours. Please keep up the good work!"

- Jan-Willem Vester, Manager, Saab Automobile USA

Marty Willson-Piper

Marty Willson-Piper

From a Church to The Church

Early on at Abra, we joked that we worked for everyone from a church to The Church after we completed a logo for a local church and then multiple projects, including cd covers and promotional materials for founding guitarist of the platinum-selling band The Church, Marty Willson-Piper.

Under the Milky Way by The Church »

The Pleasure Pit

The Pleasure Pit

Charlie Hall, Inventor of the Water Bed

A notable client of Abra Marketing was Charlie Prior Hall, the inventor of the water bed. As noted on Wikipedia, "The modern waterbed was created by Charles Prior Hall in 1968...which he originally called 'the pleasure pit'..." Abra worked on multiple design projects for products Charlie was developing, including a wet suit sporting tattoo designs and the graphics for one of the first steerable towables.

View History of the Water Bed on Wikipedia »