Web Development In California

Abra Works With Girls Inc.

Girls Inc.

Inspiring And Empowering Girls

This spring Abra had the pleasure of working with a Northern California affiliate of Girls Inc. on a website redesign. Girls Inc. is an organization spread across the United States and Canada that works to inspire and empower girls in the community by promoting positive ideals such as self-esteem, independence, and leadership. Girls Inc. uses several research based programs that encourage girls to seek their highest potential through avenues such as education and sports, that promote drug and pregnancy prevention, and that help girls build a strong self-image so that they can realize their full potential.

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How To Create Optimized Text Links

How To Create Optimized Text Links Tutorial

How to optimize text links

The world of search engine optimization can be incredibly overwhelming. There’s an abundance of information coming at you, and everyday there is a new theory or technique that tries to make you think you will never get a grasp on SEO. Really, underneath all the chatter, successful SEO starts with simply doing the little things right.

The Optimized Text Link

One of of the most basic elements of SEO is the text link, and the optimization of the text link. We put together a simple step-by-step tutorial of how to create and optimize a text link, an explanation of the different parts of the link, and the relevance of each part for SEO.

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The Pink Sundial Bridge

The Pink Sundial Bridge

The Pink Sundial Bridge

This year, Abra worked closely with members of Nor-Cal Think Pink to help get approval to light the Sundial Bridge in pink lights on Think Pink Day, October 15th, 2009 in Redding, CA.

The concept of a pink Sundial Bridge was developed by Melody Christenson of Think Pink and other members several years ago. The Pink Sundial Bridge idea had been presented to Turtle Bay but had been rejected in the past for a variety of reasons.

With the support and input from Nor-Cal Think Pink members, Kurt Hoffmann wrote letters to Turtle Bay Exploration Park and the City of Redding requesting consideration of the Pink Sundial Bridge as a way to draw attention to Think Pink’s important cause of increasing breast cancer awareness and how early detection can save lives. It was also a goal to bring positive attention to the Redding area.

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