Graphic Design

Abra Marketing offers a complete team of graphic designers to meet your graphic design needs.

Abra was initially a graphic design agency, but quickly evolved into a marketing agency when we realized how critical our marketing expertise was to guiding the graphic design process.

We have a full team to manage the graphic design process and help our project(s) meet their ultimate vision, including helping with strategy, design, message and copy help, and production coordination.

The Advantages of Abra Marketing’s Graphic Design Services:

  • Marketing Driven – Many designers can create a great looking design. We are focused on beautiful design that also serves a marketing purpose.
  • Range of Designers – Abra’s team includes a range of graphic designers to help your design project(s) get the right look that’s perfect for your goal.
  • Solid Production Experience – We pride ourselves on a highly technical design production background. This means that we know how to build files correctly to ensure a smooth production process and that provides the best result.
  • Longevity – We have worked in graphic design since the mid-90s and Abra has been providing graphic design since it was founded in 1999. This means you get years of experience to help your project be successful. It also means we’ll be here when you need a copy of a file or need info on an old project.

Special Graphic Design Projects

Abra’s graphic design team has special experience in:

  • Logo and Branding Development
  • Rebranding, Including Large-scale Rebrand Conversions
  • Annual Reports
  • Digital and Traditional Ad Campaigns