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Abra Marketing was founded by Kurt Hoffmann in 1999.
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The History of Abra Marketing:
A Heritage of Combining Creativity and Aesthetics to Achieve a Goal

Abra Marketing was founded by Kurt Hoffmann in 1999 in Santa Rosa, California. The agency has since completed hundreds of successful design, marketing, and web development projects, serving clients locally and across the nation from our offices in Santa Rosa and Redding, California.

Led by Kurt’s 20 years of marketing experience, our team includes award-winning marketing specialists, graphic designers, and web developers, as well as a support system of some of the finest creative and marketing specialists from across the country.

Charles Lindbergh

Charles Lindbergh

About Our Trademark (Logo)

Our logo features an icon of the aviator Charles Lindbergh. In 1927, Lindbergh made a 3600-mile solo flight from New York to Paris, becoming the first man to fly across the Atlantic Ocean. Succeeding in business requires a similar combination of courage, expertise and unwavering dedication to a goal.

It is in this spirit that Abra Marketing supports our clients as they cross their own “Atlantics” to new worlds of success.

The logo is also a tribute to Kurt’s grandfather, Carl X. Meyer, who held Charles Lindbergh as a lifelong hero. “Grandpa” Meyer was a self-taught industrial designer who eventually held over 30 patents, was internationally published and completed many significant projects, including designing the lighting on the Harley Davidson Motorcycle assembly line in the early 1940s.

Carl X. Meyer: Designer

Carl X. Meyer: Designer

His personal ethics and passion for using design to achieve both beauty and function are a driving inspiration for Abra Marketing.

Industrial Design

Carl X. Meyer was part of the team who designed the lighting for the Harley Davidson motorcycle assembly line in the early 1940s.

Conceptual Drawings, early 1940s

Always a visionary, Meyer’s concepts of futuristic vehicles were published internationally.