Why Does My Website Need A Blog?

Website Blog For SEO

You’re not a fashion designer with style tips to give, and you’re not a stay-at-home mom with “better parenting advice”, so you may be wondering… “Why does my website need a blog?”. Whether you’re a doctor, a lawyer, a realtor, or you own a construction business, a blog can be an important feature for your website. At Abra Marketing we encourage every client to develop a blog on their website, and here are some of the reasons why:

  • Updated Content – One very important thing search engines seek out when indexing websites is new and fresh content. Adding new content triggers search engines to visit, index, and boost the rank of the pages your site. Your main website is often a static entity – you’ll have pages such as your “Homepage”, “About Page”, “Portfolio”, “Services Page”, and “Contact Page”. These pages will not likely have a regular ongoing need for new and updated content. Creating a blog gives you an area of your website in which you can publish new content on a regular basis and attract search engines.
  • More Content – Every page of your website is an opportunity to optimize for a new topic and group of keywords. The more pages you have to optimize, the more opportunities your website will have to be found. Each new blog post creates these opportunities.
  • Generating Traffic – As your blog stories get indexed, you are continually generating new traffic, and you can direct this traffic back to the main pages of your website.
  • Personalization – As a business, the main pages of your website will generally have a very structured and professional feel. A blog gives you the opportunity to create a more personal picture of your business or company. Establishing this “personal voice” through your blog can develop interest, and set you apart from your competitors.
  • Show Your Expertise – Whatever business you are in, your potential clients and customers want to know that you are well informed about your industry, trade, skill, line of work, etc. Blogging about topics related to your business shows your expertise in your field, and develops a sense of trust that can encourage them to work with you.

Blogs truly are not just for entertainment, they can be an essential factor when it comes to boosting SEO, generating traffic, developing your brand, and getting the most out of your website.