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How does a new or growing orthopaedic practice keep up with the ever-increasing and confusing range of online marketing tools and channels?

You don’t have to when you employ the experts.

Abra offers industry-leading orthopaedic marketing solutions for Orthopaedic practices. Abra Orthopaedic Marketing programs let you focus on the advancements in your science while we support you with the latest in ours. Abra clears the digital marketing fog to centralize a program of the most impactful digital marketing tools and techniques to distinguish your unique orthopaedic skills. The result is a cost-and-time-efficient marketing engine that delivers patients to your practice and enables you to do more of what you do best – repair and heal.

Why Choose Abra for Your Orthopaedic Practice?

Digital Marketing For Orthopaedic Practices


Orthopaedics is a very crowded space.

Standing out from your competition is critical when new patients need to find your brand of expertise. Abra ensures that your therapeutic specialties, innovative techniques, and expertise in the latest orthopaedic technology and orthobiologic science enable your practice to rise above the noisy crowd.

Digital Marketing For Orthopaedic Practices


The wrong Marketing can be very expensive.

Time and money are vital for a healthy orthopaedic practice. For less than the cost of a single administrative employee, we deploy a marketing control system and an entire expert team of diverse talent that understands the nuances of orthopaedic marketing. Abra efficiently and cost-effectively grows your practice with the right digital and traditional marketing solutions hat match your unique needs and budget. Abra extends your orthopaedic practice with a virtual team of talent that you can control to efficiently expand or contract as your marketing needs evolve.

Orthopaedic Marketing


Don’t waste time with Marketing guesswork.

Abra’s roots run deep in Healthcare. Founded in 1999, based on a foundation of health science marketing, Abra brings over 30 years of experience to digital marketing in the health industry. Our marketing solutions are tuned to the needs of patients and their providers. We don’t have to guess about what works for orthopaedic practices like yours. Our record of success proves that we know.

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Orthopaedic Marketing Programs

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  • Content Development and Blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Presence Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online Advertising