We believe in ethical optimization that starts from the ground up.

At Abra, we take a truly organic approach to SEO that starts with the optimization of your website, and carries into your other online marketing avenues, social media, and throughout your branding and marketing campaigns.

Many SEO companies offer one-shot deals or claim they can “Get you to number 1” with quick tricks and short-cut tactics, but that just isn’t how legitimate search engine optimization works.

SEO is comprehensive.

We believe that search engine optimization is a process that is integrated into every element of your marketing. And it isn’t just a theory – this approach not only creates results, but it creates results that last. We’ve seen SEO fads come and go, but our optimization outlasts algorithm changes and sustains strong search engine placement for years.

SEO is custom.

The optimization we do for your company is specific to your business, location, industry, and target demographic. We do our research, and pay attention to detail in our work.

SEO is fluid.

SEO is an ongoing process. We keep ourselves at the forefront of the latest SEO industry news, and we continue to optimize the work we do for you.

Our SEO is ethical.

Last, but definitely not least, our optimization is 100% ethical. We play nice with search engines by following the rules, and search engines play nice back by giving our clients results.

We can help your company with:

  • Keyword Research & Results Reports
  • On Page Optimization
  • Off Page Optimization
  • Local SEO
  • Comprehensive, Long Term SEO