Bay Area Marketing Agency

Our team has worked in marketing since 1989 and Abra Marketing has been successfully serving clients since 1999. We believe we have grown into one of the superior agencies through our years of effort, not just because of our experience and expertise, but because of how we do business.

So Why Abra?


Marketing is not just our job. Marketing fascinates us. Marketing is our passion. We drive ourselves crazy obsessing on how to better market. When we’re at our son’s little league games, we spend way too much time wondering how effective the ads in the outfield have been for the advertisers. When you work with Abra, you get a very personal commitment to the best marketing we can offer.


Because marketing is so very personal to us, there is a higher standard to the work we are willing to do. This is why we will spend 10 hours on a 2-hour job to get it just right. When you work with Abra, you get our inability to stop working on a project until it is just right. Our ethics also drive a focus to work with certain kinds of companies. Companies who are committed to making the world a better place.


It is part of our mission to offer our talents to improve the communities we serve. Abra has donated countless hours to worthy projects, most notably the breast cancer awareness organization Nor-Cal Think Pink. We have donated web development and marketing services since 2004.

Artistic Excellence

It is true that very ugly ads can be very effective. And ultimately we’d rather have a campaign that works for our client than one that looks the best. That said, there is a great benefit to being dedicated to great design. We strive to achieve the greatest designs that work.

Abra is a Marketing Agency

Furthermore, we are an agency focused on Marketing.

That seems pretty straightforward but it’s not.

There are many companies claiming to be ‘marketing’ companies. In many cases they provide services that are part of marketing. Maybe they do videos, or build websites, do graphic design, seo, or social media.

All of these are tools that can be used to market, but Marketing is specifically helping a business grow in sales and profits.

You can do all of the items above and not succeed in marketing. Abra is completely focused on an entire process that determines the right activities to achieve marketing results.

  • We determine strategy.
  • We select the optimal marketing tools.
  • We execute the campaign.
  • We monitor results.
  • We constantly refine our efforts to improve your success.