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Hoffmann October 8, 2009 Comments Off on Goalvana

We’re currently developing a goal-setting app called Goalvana.

We have the core functionality in place that allows users to create an account, add and manage goals. You can add Action Items to each goal and both Goals and Action Items have the functionality to set Due Dates and Reminders – either by email or text message.

We are working on some clean up to the core systems right now.

Phase 2 will include adding an optional social networking feature that will allow users to share their goals, view others’ goals, and also join together in groups to work on common goals.

Ultimately, we hope Goalvana will be a powerful mechanism for helping people on a very personal level – and for those who prefer to keep it completely private – and for those who wish to share and utilize the social aspect to use the power of groups and network effects to further fuel their ability to achieve their dreams.

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